Futaba 14SG Transmitter Skin Decal Cutfile


Futaba 14SG Skin Decal Cutfile

Apply, Edit or Design your own graphics and cut from this cut file.



Make your own Futaba 14SG Skin

Use this file to skin your Futaba 14SG Transmitter

This cut line was created for the Futaba 14SG. The pdf file originally created in Adobe Illustrator has a carbon fiber graphic layer, a color overlay layer, a labels layer to help label your 3 position switches, and the throughcut / dieline layer, print the stock graphics, edit the stock graphics or create your own as needed. Print, cut and apply to your Futaba 14SG Transmitter

The download is for a .pdf file created in Adobe Illustrator. The pdf file will open in Adobe Illustrator with all of its layers. If another format is needed please make a note during checkout and You will receive the format requested in email. When saving as another format the file may not be editable.

When purchasing an email will be sent to your email address with the receipt and a link to download the file.

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