Aerial Cinematography

Ashland Aerial provides exceptional aerial cinemotagraphy.  With years of experience flying, creative movements, and excellent editing we can provide the digital marketing video you need & desire.


Aerial Photography

Equipped with an exceptional camera Ashland Aerial's quadcopter can provide super high resolution images for large scale printing such as: canvas prints, banners, wall murals and many more applications.


Video Editing

With over 13 years of graphic design & video editing experience Ashland Aerial can take raw captured footage, clip it, color correct it, add special effects & sound to it, and even provide behind the scenes color correction, cinema effects & even add voice over.



DJI Inspire 1 - z3 camera

The first bird we have is the DJI Inspire 1, Version 2 with an z3 camera. This camera has great quality with high resolution photos and 4k video resolution. We have this bird as the sole purpose to backup our other DJI Inspire x5 if the occasion comes up that it needs to go under repair. We stay very busy each week and our "go-to" bird has had to have new antenna & motor replaced from extensive use.  Bird #1 keeps our operation going without misssing a beat.


DJI Inspire 1 Pro - X5 Camera

Our 2nd Bird in our fleet is also the DJI Inspir 1 but it is equipped with the upgraded x5 camera which allows us to have more control over lighting and the camera itself has a better cinematic (film) look to it. This is our go-to bird. The quality speaks for itself.


Ground | Osmo & GH4

We not only do aerial videography but we have a great ground setup with multiple options. With enough ground equipment to fill a Trunk we have you covered. Our ground equipment includes: DJI Osmo with z3 camera & microphone. Panasonic GH4 with Filters & Adapters supported with the DJI Ronin Gimble for superior stability and smoothness. We are also equipped with tripods, Rode® shotgun microphone, boom arm and more. Whether it is an interview, moving video or subject tracking we can provide film quality video coupled with great sound.