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Please consider updating your browser to enjoy an optimal experience. A special thank you goes out to Chad and his team for producing this excellent UHQR release. The initial British LP release, May 1967 from Track Records, was mono. Hats off to Acoustic Sounds! Kassem's point-blank answer: "Bernie Grundman remastered from the original master tape for this edition." VMP members receive our exclusive Records of the Month and special access to other limited titles. The flat profile was noticeable once again with no deviation from delivery from start to end of each side. WebAnalogue Productions 'Blue Note' Jazz; Mobile Fidelity (MoFi) Music On Vinyl (MOV) Features . How does that even happen in 2020? Uberlight Flex LED Task Light Is Up to the Task! vinyl. Further, Optimals standard weight white vinyl pressing is dead quiet, leaving the many quiet passages uninterrupted. The series will kick off on November 4th with the album that started it all, Steely Dan's legendary 1972 debut LP, Can't Buy A Thrill, now in its 50th anniversary year, featuring the band's breakthrough hits, "Do It Again," "Reelin' in the Years," and the recently viral "Dirty Work," with original lead vocalist David Palmer. Done right, this requires attention to every facet of the audio and physical-media production chain. Yes, those are great too.all of the Intervention Records reissues are worthy.the Kinks box was mastered by Kevin Gray from the tapes post 2015 so I don't know what they used for those records or how they sound. AnalogPlanet's Best Reissues of the Decade Part II! Steely Dan-Two Against Nature-45 RPM Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds, Steely Dan-Everything Must Go-45 RPM Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds, Steely Dan - Everything Must Go [RSD Drops 2021] | RECORD STORE DAY, RSD '21 Special Release: Steely Dan - Two Against Nature, Albuquerque, due east of the Borough of Schmeng, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The label began with reissues of in-demand classical titles featuring legendary artists like Leonid Kogan and Johanna Martzy, original pressings of which still go for many thousands of dollars. Great packaging and super quiet vinyl. An outstanding offering from the UHQR series. By clicking 'remove', you will no longer be subscribed to the Vinyl Me, Parton subscription and -Michael Fremer, Often regarded as one of krautrocks defining albums, Neu!s 1971 self-titled debut became hard to find until Gronland reissued it in 2010, bringing it, for $23, to every good new record store in the world. Start with this month's Dolly Parton Record, with the option to include catch-up This all analog mono box was almost cut using the mono CDs, but Apple thought better of it and instead sourced directly first gen tapes. Undoubtedly the best sounding Are You Experienced on vinyl that money can buy. Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition), Workin' with The Miles Davis Quintet [Original Jazz Classics], Mind Go Wild: Zappa's 1970 "Hot Rats" Sequel "Funky Nothingness" Gets First Release, Going for It: New Wham! Every UHQR will be hand inspected upon pressing completion, and only the truly flawless will be allowed to go to market. 11) Tim Buckley "Dream Letter - Live in London" (Demon), Here are our choices for the best reissues of the past decade. I just added it (along with the Classic records version) to my Discogs want list. Theres more to see have a look!Check out the following links to order these items! it becomes available. I do have the Capitol CD set from the 90's or early 2000's. The packaging is wonderful. You might wonder why 1) I'm giving this Manufactured for Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. So why does the SACD sound pale in comparison. And the copy I received was dead quiet. Recorded in 1974 but until 1978 not released in any form, Third (also known as Sister Lovers) is a downbeat album about self-hopelessness and romance (Chiltons girlfriend of the time, Lesa Aldridge, is the subject and collaborator of many Third songs) often recorded after excessive drink- and drug-fueled nights. note (that will be included in their box) and well take care of the rest. I'm quite certain that I'll be a repeat customer! from 8 AM - 9 PM ET. This is one of the classic albums from the rock era and it's never sounded this good. I cannot imagine this album sounding any better in this vinyl format. Not only that, the record is very quiet - I heard maybe a click or two on the entire record. 7) The presence of a governmental participant. On this new UHQR LP, when the low end is there, it's just beautiful as at the beginning of 'The Wind Cries Mary.' While I havent heard any other pressings, this one sounds great; while obviously sourced from hi-res digital, with clarity it highlights every propulsive motorik rhythm and dynamic shift. Purest possible pressing and most visually stunning presentation and packaging! Best of all, this album transports you to that magical time in 1967 when the finest psychedelic hard rock was being made. Great teamwork. Tim Lookingbill, Nov 7, 2022 #2578 motionoftheocean Senior Member Location: Circus Maximus Tim Lookingbill said: The Qobuz link does mention A big box at 45rpm or a series of the complete albums would help make this dark 2022 more than a little brighter. Maybe thats historically for the better; their lean discography left an indelible mark on indie rock and to this day sounds relevant. The tonal distinction of Jimi's voice sounded like I was in the studio with him as a young man. When Jimi leans in, as he does on 'Foxy Lady,' it doesn't sound like he's bending a string; it sounds like he's tying his guitar into knots. Ed11: Amazon Atmos Binaural (remastred 2022) 2022 Presentation This is the remastered release presented in Dolby Atmos Binaural Ed12: Qobuz Hi-Rez remastered 2022- 2002 Presentation This is the streaming Qobuz (Remastered in 2022) in Hi-Res (24 bits 96 kHz) Hearing this for the first time was like a spiritual experience, or the most powerful natural high I could possibly imagine. Beautiful. The first thing on the minds of audiophiles into vinyl reissues is, what was the source? After 55 years this recording is still unmatched and still sounds fresh and powerful. Record of the Month. Questions and Answers Add to cart Add to Wish List FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $49* 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee* Steely Dan - Aja (Hybrid Stereo SACD) Price $34.99 Add to cart Customers Also Viewed Overview Track Listing Highly recommended! A good bottle of wine with dinner? We're proud to have resurrected, refined and trademarked Clarity Vinyl, the perfect canvas for our masterpiece: vinyl in its purest form. Introducing some brilliant reissues from Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds. Analogue Productions PFR24/19075810332. I have purchased all the UHQRs that Analog Productions have released, and now my hope is that they do Electric Ladyland next. Porgy and Bess another atmospheric Miles-Gil Evans collaboration dropped early 2020. 5) Neil Young "On The Beach" (NYA) According to the press release, it's likely that original flat mix tapes of those two titles were never delivered to the record labels and it's presumed those tapes no longer exist. The UHQR sounds highly detailed, but fatigues ear and mind compared to the tape. ), I'm just stunned at how good this pressing of Jimi's Landmark AYE album is. Want to send this order as a gift? Best Reissues of 2022; Album Of The Year 2022; Artists Touring SA; Uncut's All titles remastered from the original analog tapes with the exceptions of Aja and Gaucho. UHQR Announcement: WebNew Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds Series Releases acousticsoundsks 16.3K subscribers Subscribe 416 11K views 1 year ago Introducing some brilliant reset all filters, #classics #essentials #rap-hip-hop#electronic#apparel-and-merch. Those of you old enough to have heard it when it was new will recall when you first experienced the music of Jimi Hendrix. Indeed, it was worth the wait. Especially on "Purple Haze". Keep your fingers crossed that the hidden pages on Acoustic Sounds represent real upcoming releases that will be made public shortly. Switching from the old to the new is like wrapping 10 pairs of sexy black stockings around my head and ears (although it doesn't sound sexy anymore). without contacting you first. Oscar Peterson We Get Requests an Analogue Productions Ultra Tape Posted on August 11, 2022 Dave Denyer Here we have an absolute jazz classic. Revinylization by Sasha Matson, Stereophile, August 2022. Sign up to receive new vinyl release notifications, curated playlists, Magazine articles, and more. Maybe even a notch better sounding than the stereo version of Axis Bold As Love. (There's no evidence the original tapes containing the flat mixes of Aja and Gaucho were delivered to the record label and it's presumed the tapes no longer exist.) Its probably the most famous of Oscar Petersons recorded works and, as the albums title suggests, its a real crowd pleaser a kind of best of featuring ten hugely popular songs I'll have to compare. WebAnalogue Productions The mastering and pressing processes for both Vinyl Me, Please Classics and audiophile reissue label Analogue Productions follow a similar The UHQR to APs sacd of the same title? My copy arrived in pristine condition, not a flaw on the box or the vinyl. affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network, and Okay then. The music sounds loud because it was loud. All rights reserved. It was literally music that was never heard before or since on this debut album. Instrument clarity is stunning. LP had a heavy influence on his work- Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal People" on Diamond Dogs and the intro to "Station to Station" are nearly direct copies of some tracks on the Neu! You may question some of the musical choices, but theres no doubt about the superior sound quality. But some may stop short of considering the raw material used to make the record: the vinyl itself. Manufactured For Analogue Productions Credits Bass Guitar, Vocals Noel Redding Booklet Editor Phil Yarnall, Smay Design Drums Mitch Mitchell Engineer Eddie Kramer Engineer [Additional Engineering] Dave Siddle, Mike Ross * Guitar, Vocals, Written-By Jimi Hendrix Liner Notes [Booklet] Brad Tolinski, Dave Marsh, John cloud 9 underlay which way up,

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